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Watch Box of Luxury Watches

What Affects the Resale Value of Your Watch?

Highly collectible and stylish, mechanical watches are fine pieces of engineering, often made in limited editions. And buying one can be a good investment.

Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner vs. Explorer II

Rugged, reliable, and accurate – these adjectives describe two coveted Rolex watches. We’re talking about the Submariner and the Rolex Explorer II.

Watchmaker Working on a Watch Repair

Watches with Historic Ties

The vintage look is having a moment in the watch world. Many luxury watch brands boast models that were inspired by retro and vintage styles.

Hermes Kelly Handbag in Orange

3 Vintage Designer Handbags You Have to Have

We all need one bag we truly love that easily fits with any outfit or occasion. But have you considered the long-term benefits of purchasing designer handbags?

Cartier LOVE ring and bracelet displayed on glass

Cartier’s Longlasting LOVE Line is Here to Stay

The Cartier LOVE bracelet has been as symbol of “inseparable love” for many jewelry-loving romantics ever since it was designed in 1969.