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Vintage jewelry

In order for a piece of jewelry to be considered vintage, it has to be 20 years or older. These pieces are typically pre-owned, or pre-loved as we like to say, and can be characterized by the period from which they originated.

Different Eras of Vintage Jewelry:

  • Georgian Jewelry: Circa 1714-1837. Distinct characteristics of Georgian era jewelry include flower, ribbon, feather, and foliage motifs. These pieces are all hand made and feature intricate metal work.
  • Victorian Jewelry: Circa 1837-1901. Victorian era jewelry was crafted during an age known as the Romantic Period. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of these pieces are shaped as hearts, arrows, and love knots. These jewels were often crafted from 18k gold and usually featured gemstones such as agate, diamond, emerald, and garnet.
  • Art Nouveau Jewelry: Circa early 1890’s-1910. Art Nouveau pieces were crafted more uniquely than the jewelry of other eras. These pieces were often made of materials such as animal horns, including ivory. They frequently featured depictions of nude women, which was rather risqué for the time period. There was not a great deal of focus on gemstones but rather on other details.
  • Edwardian Jewelry: Circa 1901-1915. Edwardian era designs closely resembled eighteenth-century jewelry. Pieces from this era emphasized flowing, graceful lines making them very feminine. Common Edwardian motifs include florals, lace, ribbons, bows, and other curved designs.
  • Art Deco Jewelry: Circa 1920-1935. Most pieces from the Art Deco era were made from white gold or platinum as the popularity of yellow gold declined. These special pieces feature distinct geometric designs and filigree details commonly seen in the movie The Great Gatsby.
  • Retro Jewelry: Circa 1940-1950. Retro jewelry pieces were designed during a period of transition, namely World War II. These events inspired the design of these jewelry pieces, such as wartime restrictions on platinum. Most retro pieces were fashioned from yellow or rose gold. The retro period also saw brooches become a popular addition to women’s fashion.
  • Modern Jewelry: Circa 1950’s-present. Advances in technology have enabled jewelers to create pieces using a variety of different materials that were previously unconventional and/or unpliable. Many pieces often still feature traditional designs but with unique details and exquisite gems, particularly the diamond.

There are several factors to be considered when determining the value of your vintage fine jewelry including:

  • Condition
  • Rarity
  • History
  • Period significance
  • Demand

Fine jewelry is masterfully designed to withstand the tests of time. Just because a piece has been previously owned and worn does not mean that it hold any less value or quality. With proper cleaning and care, we can make your vintage jewelry look as good as new! Collect the top price in San Diego for your vintage jewelry at Leo Hamel Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers and let us find your timeless treasures a new home!

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