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Finest Jewelry in San Diego

Jewelry is much more than an accessory. It brings beauty and sparkle to our everyday life. It is given to us or by us as a symbol of love, respect, gratitude or admiration. It can also be an investment. Considering all these things that jewelry stands for, you want find a jewelry store in San Diego that satisfies your needs and does it with professional integrity.

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Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers is the largest independent jewelry store in San Diego with the highest and uncompromising standards in customer care for over 37 years. We are passionate about jewelry and it’s our core mission to provide you with outstanding jewelry that you will cherish for years.

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Rich choice of jewelry

Shop the largest independent jewelry store in San Diego to see an extraordinary selection of fine jewelry which spans an extensive range of styles and eras. If you are attracted to the heirloom charisma of vintage and antique jewelry, browse the beautiful and meticulously restored antique and vintage jewelry we have collected for you. If you prefer something new, you’ll have lots to choose from here. Dazzled by designer jewelry?  We seek out the best in new and vintage designer jewelry at affordable prices.


Exclusive focus on fine jewelry

When you want to focus on fine jewelry, come to Leo Hamel’s. The beauty of fine jewelry is that it lasts a lifetime and beyond. Fine jewelry ages beautifully, if at all. If it does start showing age, the master jewelers at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers are here to restore it to former glory. With its superior craftsmanship, fine metals and precious gemstones, fine jewelry luxuriously celebrates life’s precious moments.

Custom jewelry

Custom fine jewelry is supremely personal and reflective of our sentiments. It is a wonderful gift because you can tailor the metal, the gemstones and the design to suit the person’s taste and the occasion. Custom jewelry allows the creator to combine more than one style they like. It also gives you the chance to use the materials from jewelry you already have, but don’t like. The result is a perfectly unique piece of jewelry that reflects the wearer’s individuality.

Unparalleled customer care

When you’re a customer of Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, you’ll have at your service our team of knowledgeable professionals who are personable and passionate about their jobs. You’ll feel our care about our customers in the vast and varied collection of jewelry we offer, the exceptional quality of jewelry and craftsmanship and special, customer-focused services, such as our personal shopper service. But above all, we make finding the right jewelry easy for you!

An immensely varied selection of fine jewelry in the largest independent jewelry store in San Diego

The best way to experience Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers is to visit our luxurious showroom on San Diego Avenue where you can see and feel for yourself the quality of products and services that we provide. Feel free to browse our online collection, but the very best deals don’t ever make it onto the website before they’re sold, so do yourself a favor and visit us in store!