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Jewelry is much more than an accessory. It brings beauty and sparkle to our everyday life. It is given to us or by us as a symbol of love, respect, gratitude or admiration. It can also be an investment. Considering all these things that jewelry stands for, you want find a jewelry store in San Diego that satisfies your needs and does it with professional integrity.

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Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers is the largest independent jewelry store in San Diego with the highest and uncompromising standards in customer care for over 37 years. We are passionate about jewelry and it’s our core mission to provide you with outstanding jewelry that you will cherish for years.

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What Is Custom Jewelry?

As the name implies, custom jewelry is any piece of jewelry created according to your own specifications. Custom jewelry can range from rings, earrings to necklaces and other types of jewelry. Custom jewelry is a perfect way to show off your personal fashion style.

You may want to choose custom jewelry when you cannot find any piece of jewelry that matches your style or if you just want to show your unique taste to everyone. Another reason people go for custom jewelry is to create a unique piece of family heirloom.

If you want to create a custom piece of jewelry, you will need the help of an experienced jewelry designer. After talking to them about what you want in your custom piece of jewelry, they will come with a design that matches your guidelines.

Where Can I Get Custom Jewelry Made In San Diego?

There’s a lot of expertise and experience that go into creating custom jewelry, which is why not all jewelry stores offer to make custom jewelry made. If looking to buy custom jewelry, you need to look for a jeweler with enough experience, a rich portfolio and all the necessary licenses and warranties to create custom jewelry for you.

Our talented and artistic San Diego jewelers combine the best of the old jewelry crafting methods with the latest computer-powered technology to translate your dream piece of jewelry into reality. We can help you create anything you can think of with the help of our expert designer team.

We can work off your drawing, pictures you’ve found online or just your verbal description to come up with the ideal piece of jewelry you’ve envisioned. We can also help you recreate stolen jewelry that you’ve held close to your heart or recreate a piece of jewelry you saw at the latest red carpet report.

How Much Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

This is one of the questions we get asked the most. While it’s true that custom made jewelry is costlier than mass-produced jewelry, it’s price is way lower than most expect. This is especially true if you consider the quality of craftsmanship and the unique nature of the piece of jewelry you receive. The quality of a custom-made piece of jewelry is far superior to mass-produced pieces of jewelry.

Furthermore, you can choose different materials, gemstones and mounts which will affect the price. For example, you can choose to use an expensive gemstone you really like and use a mount that requires less metal or use a more affordable type of metal to compensate.

How To Clean Custom Jewelry?

Custom jewelry is no different than regular jewelry in that it requires constant and careful maintenance in order to keep its shine for generations to come. While cleaning your jewelry depends on the metals and gemstones used to make them, generally you’ll want to be very careful not to expose them to strong chemicals. For most metals, a solution made from water and dish soap will do the trick. You’ll have to carefully dry the jewelry after immersing it in water for a couple of minutes.

Some general maintenance tips we can offer are:

  • Remove the jewelry when washing dishes, applying makeup, doing chores or applying any sort of lotions.
  • Don’t wear your custom jewelry when you swim, as exposure to water and chlorine can damage it.
  • If the jewelry contains pearls, use a soft cloth to wipe them after wearing them. This will remove your body’s natural oil and perfume, both of which can ruin their shine.
  • Silver gets shinier the more you wear it, so don’t leave it in the jewelry box.
  • Get your jewelry checked by an experienced jeweler to make sure it didn’t get damaged or the stones didn’t get loose.

What Do You Want In Unique Jewelry?

Different jewelry styles fit different personalities. Some people prefer plain, unnoticed able pieces while others love their jewelry as sparkling and eye-catching as possible. Jewelry trends change frequently, but some designs are timeless. This is exactly what custom jewelry strives for.

You should match the custom piece of jewelry you want designed to your personal style. Try to think how it would work with other pieces of jewelry you own. If you want a large, impressive piece of jewelry you should pair it with less obvious pieces so it can really stand out and draw the eye.

Custom jewelry is a form of art. The pieces we create cannot be described otherwise. If you want to express yourself through your jewelry as an artist does through their art, you need to find a good jewelry designer who can help you create the piece of art you’ve envisioned.

Which Precious Metals Are Best For Custom Jewelry?

There are only certain types of metal that are suitable for custom jewelry. These types of metal can be worked with and are durable enough to withstand the process of crafting the jewelry. The metals go through different process such as engraving, casting and fabrication and need to be durable enough to withstand them. These metals include Platinum, Palladium, different types of Gold such as yellow, red, white, green and palladium gold, as well as sterling silver.

What You Need To Know About Creating Unique Jewelry?

Different types of jewelry can be customized to fit your design. Pieces such as rings or necklaces are much easier to craft due to their size. However, personalizing smaller jewelry pieces such as earrings can be somewhat challenging due to size constraints. You can find some ideas in the text below.


Rings are the most commonly customized piece of jewelry, due to their size and widespread use. If you are looking for unique engagement rings San Diego is the right place to start. Our designers at Leo Hamel’s luxurious showroom are waiting for you and the design you had in mind. They can be designed using different gemstones, settings, mounts and materials. Some of the ways your ring can stand out are:

  • Use different metals such as rose or green gold,
  • Choose colorful and unique gems such as opal or turquoise,
  • Engrave the mount,
  • Add accent stones,
  • Choose a unique stone shape,
  • Chose a setting that helps accent the gemstone.


Necklaces are not that often of a first choice for custom designed jewelry, but can still be customized to be unique and eye-catching.

  • Use different colors and styles for the chain and the pendant,
  • Adjust the length of the chain to fit you better,
  • Add layers of contrasting necklaces,
  • Combine different smaller chains into a long one,
  • Use a ring as a pendant.


Earrings are the least commonly customized due to their size. However, even earrings can be customized if you know what to ask for.

  • Layer earring hooks
  • Attach small pendants or charms to the earrings
  • Choose a stud with a gemstone.

Why Buy Custom Jewelry?

Any luxurious and well-equipped jewelry store will have a wide range of jewelry pieces, many of which can be slightly altered. So why do people choose custom jewelry with so many pieces to choose from already?

Custom jewelry is not only completely unique, but also very personal. It can be an amazing, one-of-a-kind gift or a way to show off your creativity and taste. This makes jewelry very individual, irreplaceable and valuable past its monetary value. This makes custom jewelry a perfect choice for a birthday or anniversary gift or an engagement rings.

The appeal of an individual piece of jewelry, whether it’s a ring, necklace or any other piece of jewelry is more than obvious. Custom jewelry does not fade with the latest trends and does not lose its emotional value.

Rich choice of jewelry

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When you want to focus on fine jewelry, come to Leo Hamel’s. The beauty of fine jewelry is that it lasts a lifetime and beyond. Fine jewelry ages beautifully, if at all. If it does start showing age, the master jewelers at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers are here to restore it to former glory. With its superior craftsmanship, fine metals and precious gemstones, fine jewelry luxuriously celebrates life’s precious moments.

Custom jewelry

Custom fine jewelry is supremely personal and reflective of our sentiments. It is a wonderful gift because you can tailor the metal, the gemstones and the design to suit the person’s taste and the occasion. Custom jewelry allows the creator to combine more than one style they like. It also gives you the chance to use the materials from jewelry you already have, but don’t like. The result is a perfectly unique piece of jewelry that reflects the wearer’s individuality.

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When you’re a customer of Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, you’ll have at your service our team of knowledgeable professionals who are personable and passionate about their jobs. You’ll feel our care about our customers in the vast and varied collection of jewelry we offer, the exceptional quality of jewelry and craftsmanship and special, customer-focused services, such as our personal shopper service. But above all, we make finding the right jewelry easy for you!

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