Most of these businesses are not related to the jewelry industry. If they are on here, it means I know and trust them. 

Leo Hamel

Black and white image of a man deadlifting weights.

Personal Training and Sports Nutrition Training

A Sister Gym To Leo Fit Labs in San Diego You may not know this, but Leo Hamel also founded a boutique gym in San …

Headshot of Jason Stapleton.

The Fascinating and Interesting Jason Stapleton Program​

Jason has a podcast that is a combination of current news and information on how to start and run a successful “side gig” business. I …

Headshot of Dr. Danilychev

The Original Jikiden Reiki By Dr. Danilychev

She Does Individual Reiki and Classes So You May Practice Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique of channeling energy to heal both physical and mental …

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