Most of these businesses are not related to the jewelry industry. If they are on here, it means I know and trust them. 

Leo Hamel


Personal Training and Sports Nutrition Training

A Sister Gym To Leo Fit Labs in San Diego You may not know this, but Leo Hamel also founded a boutique gym in San …


The Fascinating and Interesting Jason Stapleton Program​

Jason has a podcast that is a combination of current news and information on how to start and run a successful “side gig” business. I …

dr. Maria

The Original Jikiden Reiki By Dr. Danilychev

She Does Individual Reiki and Classes So You May Practice Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique of channeling energy to heal both physical and mental …

What You Can Sell to Leo Hamel’s

Sell Diamond Jewelry

We buy your diamond jewelry and add it to our collection. Our aim is to collect as many fine quality pieces as we can and complement the exquisite selection displayed in our showroom. Since we want to make sure we offer our customers only the best quality, we pay top dollar for your diamond jewelry. Remember to bring any diamond certificates you might have. We also pay premiums on 2-carat diamonds and larger!

Sell Loose Diamonds

You may have a certain amount of loose diamonds you bought as an investment. If you decide to sell them to Leo’s, your investment is sure to pay off! Bring your loose diamonds to us and our in-house Graduate Gemologists will inspect the carat, clarity, weight and other properties. They will provide you with an evaluation on the spot and offer a fair price.

Leo Hamel’s jewelry store takes great pride in offering a stunning selection of vintage engagement rings. That is why we are willing to offer a fantastic price for your engagement ring. We specialize in fine jewelry designers and always go an extra mile to acquire a beautiful piece of superb quality. If the ring you wish to sell is part of your family heirloom, we will make sure you are comfortable with parting with it before we strike a deal.

Sell Gold, Silver or Platinum Pieces and Flatware

We are always willing to offer top prices for gold, silver and other precious metals. You can bring in your jewelry of any karat, or pieces such as earrings, bracelets, pins, pendants – you can even bring single and broken pieces and we will give you an honest evaluation. If you are not sure that a piece is gold or silver, feel free to bring it to us. We will test it and find out!

Sell Swiss and German Watches

If you have an unwanted Swiss or German watch, we would be happy to take it in! We need top-quality watches to recondition and offer to our jewelry store customers. That is what motivates us to offer the best prices to you – the seller. We’ll take the worry out of the selling process and make you feel confident in the decision to sell. Parting with an heirloom watch can be very emotional, and we feel it is our duty to provide sympathy and support.

Sell Scrap Gold

Gold is a universally trusted store of value and it has retained its purchasing power for centuries. We always offer an excellent price for any scrap gold you bring to our buying office. The gold is extremely useful to us, either for custom jewelry making or jewelry repair. No matter the quantity you bring us, our buying experts will give you an immediate evaluation.

Sell Broken Jewelry

We buy broken jewelry too. If your jewelry has broken and you think it’s beyond repair, bring it to Leo’s for an evaluation. If you choose to sell it, be sure you will get an attractive price. You can also trade broken jewelry for something else from our collection.

Sell Coins and Metal Bars

You can sell coins from any era to one of our jewelry buying locations. We provide immediate payments for your coins, regardless of their size and value. Before we give you an estimate, we will evaluate your coins or metal bars quickly and accurately. And you can count on our staff’s utmost discretion and professionalism.

Our Jewelry & Gold Buying Locations:

San Diego Avenue Solana Beach La Mesa Oceanside Rancho Bernardo