Sell Coins

Wondering where to sell coins in San Diego?

Thousands of people search the internet every month for “where to sell coins near me.” Coins make a great investment, but in the event that you need to sell them, Leo Hamel Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers makes the process simple and stress-free. The best way to sell coins is through a reputable coin buyer. Our team of experts boast a wealth of knowledge about rare coins, antique coins, silver coins, gold coins, and coins from around the globe! If you’re looking to sell your old coins for cash, then look no further than Leo Hamel Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers. Stop by one of our five convenient locations in San Diego for a free evaluation.

Wondering what your coin collection might be worth? Bring them in to Leo Hamel’s and we’ll tell you! We will authenticate and evaluate your coins as you watch and let you know if they are worth selling. Don’t try to sell coins online for cash- you won’t receive nearly as great an offer as you would when you visit Leo Hamel Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers! We will never pressure you to sell your coins. Our experts are trustworthy and they’ll be honest if they believe it would be in your best interest to keep your coins for future investment.

What coins are valuable?

The value of your coins depends on many different factors like precious metal, history, condition, etc. We buy coins of all different kinds:

  • Sell ancient coins
  • Sell silver coins
  • Sell gold coins
  • Sell commemoratives
  • Sell U.S. coins
  • Sell world coins
  • Sell paper currency

When selling coins, there are a few things you want to make sure to keep in mind. First, take the time to get familiar with your inventory of coins. It’s usually best to gather your coins all in one place before beginning to separate and categorize them. There are handy coin booklets that are pretty inexpensive and can be used to house your coin collection. And don’t forget, never clean your own coins! This can dramatically decrease the value of your coins because collectors often like to see the patina that is on the coin.

How to sell a coin collection

Have you recently acquired a coin collection from a loved one who has passed away or who has given it to you as a gift and are unsure of what you should do with them? Stop by Leo Hamel Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers and we’ll gladly take a look at them for you. We will evaluate your coins and give you as much information about them as possible. You might have something extraordinary without even knowing it! Then, if you’re ready and willing to sell your coins, we will offer you the highest payout in San Diego.

Don’t hesitate to contact us before you drop by! Click here to find a Jewelry & Gold Buying location nearest you for driving directions, phone numbers, and hours of operation. NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY!