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Have you recently fallen on some financial hardship? Are you in a bind and in need of some extra cash now? No need to panic, we’ve all been there at one point or another. At Leo Hamel Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers, we understand that times can be tough which is why we offer collateral loans for your fine jewelry, watches, and other valuables.

What is a collateral loan?

Collateral is something pledged as security for repayment of a loan. Our San Diego Jewelry & Gold Buyers offer short term collateral loans of $2,500 and up. The minimum time granted for repayment of a loan is four months. We base our loans strictly on the value of your collateral and do not require you to disclose your credit rating or your pay schedule. Avoid having to access a credit line and dealing with the hassle of credit reports. Leo Hamel’s offers customers an easy way to make some quick cash, with most transactions completed in less than 15 minutes.

At Leo Hamel’s Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers, we want to make the process as easy as possible. Simply bring in your valuables to be evaluated by one of our expert buyers. They’ll use their knowledge and expertise to assess your items and offer you the best price possible for your belongings.

What items do we accept for collateral loans?

You can pawn fine jewelry, pawn luxury watches, pawn diamonds, pawn gemstones, pawn antiques, pawn engagement rings, as well as other valuables!

Concerned about the safety of your valuables while in pawn? You can be confident that your belongings are in good hands at Leo Hamel’s. You still own these items and we take caring for them seriously. Your item(s) will be safely stored and kept in good condition until the loan has been repaid. Should you choose not to repay the loan and re-claim your belongings, the collateral is forfeited.

When you pawn your items at Leo Hamel Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers, you’ll be offered a price for your belongings that is unmatched by traditional pawn shops. We’ll help you get the funds you need to financially cover whatever circumstances you may be facing. Not to mention, all transactions are confidential and secure so you never have to be embarrassed about needing some short-term assistance.

Instead of searching San Diego pawn shops for the best price for your valuables, bring them to Leo Hamel Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers, where you know you’ll get the most money when you pawn your fine jewelry, watches, and other valued possessions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us before you drop by! Collateral Loans are only available at our San Diego Avenue Jewelry & Gold Buyers location. Click here for driving directions, phone numbers, and hours of operation. NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY!