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Beautiful Wedding Rings San Diego

Would you like to find a collection of wedding rings for men and women that is exceptionally diverse and accommodates a wide range of tastes and preferences? Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry & Engagement Ring Store is the largest independent jewelry shop in San Diego with a vast selection of rings to choose from.

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Classic wedding rings San Diego

Are you in need of a wedding band? Even though they are sometimes plain metal, classic wedding bands do come with a variety of possible features. They are available in different widths, for example, so as to complement the fingers of the wearer. They also appear in different shapes, such as flat bands, low domed or with a beveled edge. The differences sound minute but the change in effect can be quite noticeable.

The typical precious metal choices for wedding bands are platinum and white and yellow gold. Platinum is an American favorite, as it’s more resistant to scratches than gold and it’s hypoallergenic. What’s particular about platinum is that it acquires a patina as it ages, which lends it a special charm. White, yellow, and rose gold are also beautiful metals, and titanium is a newer, modern choice.

A myriad of new takes on the traditional wedding rings San Diego

Design expansion of the classic wedding band can go in many different directions. The most subtle variation is a matte finish, which gives the ring texture. You can also combine matte and high-polish finishes, as well as two or more different metals. These features give the wedding rings interest without departing greatly from the traditional metal bands.

Adding gemstones to the band can also give the ring a refreshing and vibrant sparkle. What’s interesting is that colored gemstones and fancy colored diamonds are gaining more and more popularity when it comes to choosing stones for wedding bands. Colored gemstones are attractive in part because they are still not as widespread as diamonds. The color of these gemstones also allows you to personalize your ring with a stone that corresponds to your birth month, the month you met your significant other or the month you got engaged. The color can mean something special just to you or the two of you, making your wedding band uniquely yours.

Custom wedding rings San Diego

Do you want to skip browsing collections of wedding rings? You can make a custom design wedding ring that will have all the elements and symbolism you like. Going this way, you can truly make this piece of jewelry as personal as possible.

One option for a custom ring is to use the precious metal and gemstone from an heirloom ring. By using these components to make a new custom-designed wedding ring you can preserve the sentiment of the heirloom in a style you like.

One more advantage with custom wedding rings San Diego is that you can make a wedding band that will match your engagement ring in a way that enhances the beauty and impression of both.

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When you want to see a vast and varied selection of exclusive jewelry that spans a wide range of styles, come to Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry & Engagement Ring Store. You can browse brand new and designer jewelry as well as carefully restored vintage and antique jewelry. On top of our exceptional collection of jewelry, you’ll also get premiere customer care. You must visit our store to see every piece that we have for sale today, because our selection changes daily. Feel for yourself the difference that sets us apart!