Where Do Pink Sapphires Come From?

Rose gold filigree engagement ring centered with a pink sapphire.

Did you know that the gemstone sapphire comes in every color of the rainbow except red? (A red sapphire is called a ruby!) Everyone knows and loves serene blue sapphires, but pink sapphires are in a class of their own. Ranging from a soft rose to a vivid fuchsia, pink sapphires are eye-catching gems. Being in the mineral corundum family, the gem rates a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Because pink sapphire is tough and durable, it makes a great choice even for an engagement ring!

The best source for mining the finest pink sapphire is Myanmar, although it can be found as close to home as Montana. Other sources include Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Australia.

Pink sapphire is said to bring love and allow one to surrender for the greater good. Since all colors of sapphire are accepted as September birthstones, not just the blue ones, pink sapphire makes a unique gift for your September-born loved one.

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