Everything You Need to Know About Ring Resizing

Three statement rings in yellow and white gold set with various gemstones and diamonds on fabric backgrounds.

So, you’ve found your dream ring, but it’s a few sizes too big. Or perhaps you’ve received a gift from your sweetheart and it just isn’t fitting. Maybe you’ve lost (or gained) some weight. Or maybe you simply want to wear your ring on another finger. Whatever the reason for needing ring resizing, we have some information that you may find helpful to know before visiting your local jewelers.

When is it time to resize your ring?

First, it is important to make sure that a ring actually needs resizing before going through with the process. An ideal fitting ring is snug enough so that it doesn’t fall off but is loose enough to slide over your knuckle with a gentle pull. It should slide onto your finger fairly easily, but be a bit harder to get off.

During wear, the ring should fit snugly, but not too tightly to cause discomfort. If your ring is so small that it’s uncomfortable to wear, or too big that it can slip off with no resistance at all, you should get it resized. Wearing a ring that fits improperly risks damaging or even losing the piece.

The perfect fit

When it comes to rings, you should know that there is no such thing as a perfect fit. There will be days when your ring is a little loose, as well as days when it’s a bit too tight. Our fingers change size depending on the weather, time of day, hormone fluctuations, our eating habits, and other factors.

Seeking out professional ring resizing will ensure you get that almost perfect fit with the help of a knowledgeable jeweler. After all, it is their job to make sure you feel the most comfortable while wearing your ring.

What makes a ring resizable?

For a ring to be resizable, it needs to be made of a metal like silver, gold, or platinum. A ring can sometimes be modified by only two sizes, meaning it can only be resized up to two sizes larger or smaller than the original size. There should also be enough room on the ring for the actual work to be done. The best candidates for resizing are plain bands, made entirely of metal and with no settings. 

However, some stone-less bands may have other details that make them unable to be resized, such as engravings. In this case, many jewelers will not resize the ring so as not to distort the pattern or design. A highly skilled jeweler may be able to resize your ring up or down one size without visible signs of alteration, though it would be challenging.

Some rings cannot be resized due to their design features; such as rings with several gemstones intricately set in the band. Sizing channel set and pave style rings up or down by more than half a size will depend on the style and design of the ring. Eternity bands with stones set all around the ring are difficult and expensive to resize and may not yield a desired aesthetic outcome.

Due to these potential roadblocks, be sure to ask if a ring is resizable and know your sizing options before finalizing your purchase.

Did you know?

A jeweler can also add two “sizing balls” or beads to the inside of your ring’s shank. These slightly raised small bumps serve to keep the ring from spinning on your finger, accounting for those daily fluctuations in finger size. These balls are made from the same kind of metal as your ring and can be removed at any time.

How long does ring resizing take?

The process of resizing a ring is a rather quick one. In fact, it can often be done in just a few minutes. However, it is important to bear in mind that this may vary depending on the complexity of your ring design. Not to mention, your jeweler likely has a list of other jobs to complete before yours. Expect a turn-around time of at least a few days, more for rings with extra intricacies.

How much does it cost to resize a ring?

Ring resizing is relatively cheap compared to what you probably paid for the ring itself. You should expect to pay anywhere from $50-$100, factoring in the materials needed and the price of labor. The more complicated the job, the pricier it will be.

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