Why Leo’s?

Do you have an eye for fine jewelry and watches and wish to enrich your collection? Are you looking for the perfect gift for your special someone? You don’t want to go from store to store, not understanding the relationship between the price and value. An aggressive salesperson will try to talk you into buying something they want you to buy, even if it’s not right for you. And you don’t want to leave the store feeling anything but excitement and satisfaction because you made a great purchase. What you do want is to be certain that the watch or jewelry piece you choose is the right fit for your style and budget.So how can you get an exceptional piece for an excellent price, and avoid purchasing something that you will regret later?

We know that browsing through jewelry and watches can be a challenging or even outright stressful experience. Since 1980, we have helped more than 200,000 customers feel great about their jewelry and watch purchases. As San Diego’s largest independent family-owned jewelry store, we offer an extensive collection of vintage, antique, and new jewelry, as well as new and pre-owned watches. And we are dedicated to guiding you through the process of finding your perfect match until you have every confidence in your choice.

At our shop, you will be carefully listened to as we discover together what your preference is and which item meets your needs and wishes. You’ll learn what makes one piece more valuable than the other. All the questions you may have will be answered fully. You can take as much time as you wish to explore our fine selection and make the right choice. Most importantly, you can be sure that no one will pressure you to buy anything you are not 100% happy with.

The first step is to visit our jewelry store on San Diego Avenue to see just how comfortable and enjoyable shopping for jewelry or watches can be. Or let us know what you are interested in or concerned about via email. We’ll get things rolling before you even come to our showroom.

Don’t take a chance with your hard-earned money and risk getting less than you deserve. With our expertise and guidance, you will return home with a gorgeous gift for someone you love or an addition to your collection at a price you will feel positive about.